NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan.11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --Strathspey Crown Holdings LLC announced todaythe acquisition ofthe portfolio companies ofNovus ViaLP,aNevada-based venture capital investment firmfocused onend-stage development and commercializationof advanced electromagnetic and electrochemical technologies spanning healthcare, clean energy and coherent acoustics. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Robert E. Grant, Chairman of Strathspey Crown Holdings LLC, said,"Novus Via LPbrings tremendous intellectual property and technical capabilities into our firm, significantly accelerating our development efforts in medical-grade wearable technology. This transaction also marks our first diversification into advanced clean energy technologies and coherent acoustics. We welcome the management of Novus Via LPand its portfolio companies into the growing global family of Strathspey Crown companies."

PeterF. Capuciati, Manager and General Partnerof Novus Via LPsaid, "We are very pleased to join the Strathspey Crown portfolio of companies. This transaction brings the NovusVia LPcompaniesaccess toStrathspey's significant marketing and healthcare channel access, intellectual property, and public policy resources to advance their operating objectives." Capuciati went on to add,"Strathspey is uniquely positioned to lead the rapidly emerging field of medical-grade wearable technologies and we are proud to work together to accelerate thisexciting field of developmentand commercialization."

AboutStrathspey Crown Holdings LLC
Strathspey Crown is a growth equity firm specializing in lifestyle healthcare. The firm is founded in partnership with physician investors across key medical specialties including plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry and orthopedics. For more information, please

About NovusViaLP
Novus Via LPis a unique venture capital investment firm that accelerates and funds end-stage development and commercialization of advanced electromagnetic and electrochemical technologies spanning healthcare, clean energy and coherent acoustics. For more information please

TheNovus Via LPassets includedin the transaction includecontrollinginterests in the following companies:

BluonEnergy, LLC, adeveloper and manufacturerof next generation, energy efficient refrigerants, utilizinga novel approach to solve to the impending R-22 phase-out dilemma. Bluon'sTdX 20 is the firstreplacement for R-22 that upgrades an HVAC-R system's performance without the need for any new costly equipment or infrastructure.For more information, please

Luminas International, LLC, an innovative developer and manufacturer in the newest electroceutical charging technology. This proprietary technology is now being used to for pain and chronic inflammation. For more information, please

ThrivalTech, LLC,a developer of innovative plasma based electromagnetic technologies. ThrivalTech'spatentedVIPER technologyenablesvirtually emission freeoutput from internal combustion engines.

REVxTechnologies, Inc. and its operating subsidiaryREVxAcoustics,are the developer and manufacturer of a novel new coherent acoustic technology currently utilized in their REV33 product. The technology removes distortion and magnetic interference from audio signals to substantially reduce ear fatigue and reduces the potential for related hearing loss while improving signal fidelity.For more information, please

GFO Oil, LLC,manufacturesproduces and sells the GFO Oil Additive whichremoves carbon buildup and restores combustion engine compression in addition to increasing lubricity. GFO is 100% biodegradable.For more information, please

Colorado Energy Research Technologies, Inc. (CERT), LLC. CERT played a key rolewith Novus Via LPentitiesin the development of Bluon TdX20, the REV33, GFO and Luminas technology working. CERT has unique skills in physics,biomedical and electrical engineering, analog electromagnetics, electrochemicals, coherent acoustics,and mechanical engineering.