Solar Care Inc. is a provider of window tinting for cars, homes and commercial offices, and has now expanded its service area to two new territories, Orange County and Riverside County.

San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2016 -- Glass is an essential part of everyday lives, giving people a window on the outside world while protecting them from the elements. Sadly, it can also work to magnify the intensity of the sun's heat, creating sweltering temperatures that cause HVAC systems to work overtime. San Diego Car Tint company Solar Care specializes in window tinting not just for automobiles, but for homes and offices too, with special films designed to limit the radiation penetrating glass, keeping interior spaces naturally cooler without the need for air conditioning. They have proven so successful that they are expanding their services into new territories, including Orange County and Riverside County. 

Solar Care offers expert care and top performance from their specially designed window films, which do not fade or discolor over time. What's more, these films filter out harmful rays from the sun together with reducing the heat build, saving people money on their energy bills as a significant return on investment over the lifespan of the product.

The expansion into Orange County and Riverside County will enable the company to service more families and businesses than ever before, and has been accompanied by an expansion in trucks and staff to service these new areas without sacrificing the quality of service existing customers already receive. 

A spokesperson for Solar Care explained, "We have impeccably high standards of delivery for all our services and we wanted to ensure we were able to meet those in our new territories before we announced the expansion. We are confident now than individuals throughout our service area will receive the very best quality of products and delivery thanks to the selective new hires, training and equipment purchases we have made. We are excited to see what 2016 brings."

About Solar Care
Solar Care Inc. provides mobile window tinting services performing auto, car, home, residential and commercial window tinting for all needs. Window tinting helps control the light levels throughout the day in cars and homes, as well as providing a more energy efficient way of keeping spaces cool during summer months. The Solar Care team is made up of experienced professionals using the best equipment available. For more information please visit: