WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Snack Food Association (SFA) member company today appeared before the Senate Agriculture Committee to urge support for a national, voluntary GMO labeling standard before labeling laws at the state level, such as Vermont’s Act 120, take effect and begin to disrupt markets.

“SFA supports a federal solution to this critical issue before companies both large and small are forced to make distribution decisions that would negatively impact sales, jobs, and food prices,” SFA CEO Tom Dempsey said.

Absent a federal GMO solution, food manufacturers will have essentially three options to comply with a patchwork of state labeling laws. Those choices would be to order new packaging for products, reformulate products so no labeling is required, or halt sales to that state. Each option is difficult, costly, and time intensive. The entire supply chain from sourcing to production to distribution would be impacted.

“SFA’s members support consumer choice. There are already voluntarily labeled organic and non-GMO certified products available,” Dempsey said. “We support giving consumers transparency but transparency shouldn’t be defined differently by every state.”

SFA supports federal legislation that would avoid the current proposed patchwork of state GMO labeling laws by creating one voluntary standard that eliminates confusion and advances food safety. SFA will continue to work closely with both Congress and the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food on this critical issue.

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