HONG KONG,Jan. 8, 2016/PRNewswire/ -- Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited ("SFCE" or the "company", HK stock code: 1165) today announced that its subsidiary, Lattice Power Corporation ("Lattice Power"), has won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Invention Award for the "High Efficacy GaN-on-Si Blue LED" technology that was jointly developed by Lattice Power,NanchangUniversity, CECEP Lattice Lighting Co., Ltd. and the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group.

"Currently there are three LED technology paths in the LED lighting industry – sapphire substrate, silicon carbide substrate and silicon substrate," saidEric Luo, SFCE's executive director and CEO. "While the first two of these technologies have already been monopolized in the US andJapan, after a decade of research and development, the silicon substrate technology has finally been patented and commercialized by Lattice Power inChina. I would like to congratulate ProfessorFengyi Jiang, Dr.Qian Sun, Dr.Min Wangand their team at Lattice Power for achieving this impressive technological breakthrough and winning this award."

Silicon substrate LED technology benefits from good thermal conductivity, low-cost materials as well as competitive wafer sizes, which enables lighting products to be manufactured at lower cost, with higher power and better directivity. Compared to sapphire substrate and silicon carbide substrate technologies, the silicon substrate technology can be applied to a wider range of applications including residential lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting and automotive lighting.

ProfessorFengyi Jiangand Dr.Min Wangco-founded Lattice Power with the goal of commercializing silicon substrate LED lighting technology in 2006. Lattice Power subsequently completed four rounds of fund-raising from GSR Ventures, Temasek Holdings, IFC and APAC Resources Limited, respectively. InMay 2015, SFCE acquired a 59% equity stake in Lattice Power as an important part of its low-carbon, integrated, clean energy platform.

About SFCE

Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited (SFCE) is committed to becoming the largest low-carbon, integrated, clean energy generation provider globally. Through strategic acquisitions and integration, SFCE owns a number of well-known product and technology brands in the industry. SFCE fosters a continuous improvement in energy generation including in solar, sea water power and ground source heat pumps, combined with energy management and storage capabilities. SFCE aims to provide clean energy solutions to large scale public facilities and commercial users such as business facilities, office buildings, schools, hospitals sports stadiums and households. SFCE's energy solutions can achieve energy cost reductions of 50% - 70%, creating energy generation choices for its customers to reduce both carbon emissions and energy costs. To learn more about the company, please visitwww.sfcegroup.com/en/.