Christiana Figueres today congratulated the United States for announcing the largest signal pledge to date to the Green Climate Fund (GCF)—the financial support mechanism aimed at assisting developing countries in moving to a low carbon, resilient future.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said: “In a few days’ time nations will meet in Berlin to pledge support to the GCF. The announcement today by the United States sets a new benchmark for GCF support and provides inspiration for other developed countries to act”.

The announcement by the United States, which is aimed in particular at the poorer and the most vulnerable countries,brings support for the GCF to close to $6 billion in advance of the Berlin meeting following pledges from several other countries.

These include Germany which pledged around $1 billion (750 million Euro) at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in July; France which pledged $1 billion-worth of support at the UN Secretary-General’s climate summit in September and Sweden which has announced over $500 million in support. This week the Netherlands also announced a pledge of $125 million.

Two developing countries—Mexico and the Republic of Korea—have also made voluntary pledges.

The GCF, which was established in 2010, recently became operational with countries also developing a set of ground rules for its operation. It is a key part of the $100 billion a year promised by developed countries to developing ones by 2020 in support of their ambition to mitigate emissions and adapt to climatic impacts.

“New pledges now could have a positive impact on the next big round of climate negotiations which get underway in Lima, Peru in a few weeks’ time in advance of the Paris conference at the end of 2015. We and others have often suggested that a positive level for the GCF, going into in Lima, would be $10 billion—the announcement by the United States and others puts us closer to that aim,” said Ms Figueres.